With the recent displays of racism in the United States, it has become extremely clear the many ways in which our systems continue to marginalize, disempower, silence, harm and attack Black and Brown communities. The tragic murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and countless others show us the horrific losses that come at the hands of racism. 

At our firm, we are making a steadfast commitment to become a more active anti-racist organization. We promise to seek new ways to dismantle and eradicate racism within ourselves, our networks, and our local communities. We will continue to live into our commitment to challenge philanthropy to change. We want to acknowledge our shortcomings, especially to our Black colleagues and community members. We know we can do better. 

Our firm has spent the last few years crafting our mission, vision and teachings to challenge philanthropy to acknowledge racial, economic and social inequities within their funding strategies and relationships. Upon recent evaluation, we feel we must bring a new level on intentionality to our efforts to ensure we do not perpetuate the very systems of oppression we seeking to eradicate. We know we have said things like "don't bring that topic up with that donor, you might not get their donation" or "just wait and talk about that later in your relationship with them."

There is no waiting. The time is now. 

We are eternally grateful to each and every person engaged in doing this work. We are in this fight with you, now and always. 

In solidarity, 
Alyssa, Alison, and Kim 

You can read our full statement and resource list here. 



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